Year 2017

All tryouts and games take place at the Griggs Complex on North Florida.
      Sign Up   Starting February 13th
          Deadline Coach Pitch March 24
          Deadline Minors & Majors March 20
The registration form may be printed from the web page and filled out with pen or filled in online and then printed. To fill out online, just click on each field and enter info.     Deadline Juniors April 1
Skills assessment 12 & Under*   March 11 & 18 (Sat) 9:00 AM
Draft Majors   March 21 (Tue)
Draft Minors   March 22 (Wed)
Skills assessment Junior*   March 26 (Sun) 2:00 PM
Registration Fees     Draft Juniors   March 28 (Tue)
Coach Pitch   $35.00 First regular games 12 & Under   April 17 (Mon)
Minors   $60.00 First regular games Coach Pitch   April 24 (Mon)
Majors   $60.00 First regular games Juniors   April 24(Mon)
Juniors   $65.00      
Skills Assessment
These are not tryouts to determine who can play. All who are registered by the deadline will be placed on a team. These are rather skills assesment to aid the managers in selecting players for their teams based on the players skills and the teams needs.
Little League age determination
Little League international has changed the league age determination for youth 9 and under.
A table for determining league age is available by clicking