Our Family
Pictures from our Westphal reunion in Northern Georgia August 3-10, 2013
Eric, Dawn & Dexter Dustin & Susan Kim, Asa & Mattye Kim, Asa & Mattye
Eric, Dawn and Dexter Dustin and Susan Kim, Asa & Mattye Eric, Janet & Skyler
Dawn and I at Magic Mountain Cindy Dawn & I at the Darlington NASCAR race Really nice road
Cindy on her new Rewaco Trike at the turnout just below the tunnel on the way back from Cloudcroft.
Kim & I at a Diamondbacks game Claudia, Cindy & Andrea Asa Dawn, Taz & Gizmo
Eric Eric in his Ventus getting a tow Eric & Janet with the Bonanza just painted
Eric just landed Dustin Kim, Asa & Mattye
Cindy & Andrea